„usblooper“ standalone fullhd mediaplayer www.usblooper.com

„multilooper“ multiscreen fullhd player (seccesion, künstlerhaus...)


a simple audiometry/hörtest application

freeware mac/pc, download here: www.praxistest.cc/downloads

„circuit bending“

a short manual/pdf into the art of circuit bending:


3-screen long time (8h+) video synchronization for erwin wurm

wireless sensor technology for „pulse-project“

electronics for christina starzer

live-video-looping-software for nicole @ kunstraum nö

hd-video presentation, motion trackig for marlene hausegger

live video software with jitter for rüdiger´s session @ porgy&bess

audio post production for patricks´ video work @ jüdisches museum wien

audio post production parts for „RAUM X ZONE“ by sturmreich und zenk @ okto + miss baltazars laboratory


some (max/msp jitter dmx) help for synes elischkas diplom work

some (max/msp jitter dmx) help for andreas müllers diplom work