„fingerdrums (syntotum digitorum)“

„ein (aufgrund sparsamster chinesischer ingenieurskunst ) beinahe unspielbares fingerdrum-set wird durch einfaches eindringen in die schaltkreise zu einem interaktiven techno-kunstwerk.“

endless music“

circuit bent casio keyboard for endless melodies.. @ h.aus 2012

„sarah wiener“

every time there is some motion, a police-slotcar is trying to escape sisyphos´ hill,,,

„area 52“

with kay walkowiak and valentin ruhry


kühn&gratis ;

two model-sized banks are throwing money to each other...

„carrera carrer“

4 pitchable carrera cars in a loop (consisting of 4 - to the floor - parts), contact mics...


eric satie taken by word.. music d´ambleumant

„lego revisited“

@ h.aus

„o.T.“ 12“ ibook G3, Karton, leinen, lampe

„als gemachtes Bettchen vor sichelmond dient sich ein anachronistisches laptop aus.“ beletage, wien


a room full of playable magnet tapes, heinestraße wien


with g.strumpf

a very unstable tower made of very old vhs tape covers

with hanakam-schuller and peter wannerer



polyphonic drone machine, very rich sound

shown @ moozakfestival 2012


6 of the most popular guns  made by newspaper articles (or special paper). those articles are about violent/economic crises where the specific gun plays a role.

paper, glue, led-light        2012


model of „glanzstofffabrik sankt pölten“ with the barracks of forced laborers in 1944. this computer-controlled model can small as aweful as the original fabrik!

with g.strumpf             2010

„synth in a nutshell“

a nutshell contains a playable mini-synthesizer including power battery and speaker. comment to hawking´s „the universe in a nutshell“    2010

room boom“

an electromagnitic, mechanic instrument for a space

this 5min composition for 17 solenoids remained after the performance at the       kunstraum  niederösterrecich 

electronics, solenoids, cabels 2013