executed offenders is put together of the last spoken words of all people executed in the State of Texas in 2009. All texts were synthesized by means of computer-voices and then purified with noise reduction systems. What is left after this purification is the silence between the last words of people who got extinguished from our society. But just as the extinction of a living leaves traces, fragments of the last words remain in this case as well – fragments of an attempted extinction.“

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„Analogsat & Gommoral feature Autark‘s first video release. By complex algorithms the visuals melt into the music: While in „Solitons“ the volume amplitudes trigger the motions of preselected images, in „Spectrometer“ the waveforms of the single tracks are positioned in space. In „Spectroscope“ six separate audio tracks are analysed by a spectroscope, which results in six overlapping pictures generating a single video. By determining the visualised shape, the sound almost turns into a bodily experience.“ Autarkaa13

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release of XINANDA and CDCRACK

XINANDA is based on circuit bent toys. an „how to“ you can find in the support section.

CDCRACK is based on digital/analog destruction. every time a loop is recorded, the audio-cd (with the loop on it) is physically scratched and scarved more and more. so the destruction process becomes audible. at the end of the track the cd becomes finally unplayable.                 ....................more

MZK#002 KABELBRAND - sounds from the max brand synthesizer

„ in wechslenden konstellationen bespielen hier die herren hausch, guschlbauer, kühn und krist einen der ersten modularsynthsizer .. das klingt natürlich wunderbar, was die trockenen unbearbeiteten liveaufnahmen zeigen, deren rohe und kraftvolle direktheit diesen unschuldigen charme haben, der vor zehn jahren vielen releases auf zero gravity so besonders machte, und der nächsten verwandten wie vaino schon wieder abgeht.“     de:bug        .......more


this special KAZOOM CD-R release with 6 exclusive tracks is unveiling the sonorical power of one of the very first modular synthesizers around. all pieces by ulrich kühn, clemens hausch, gerald krist & benedikt guschlbauer were done with audio material recorded on this extraordinary machine, which was built in the mid 1960s by bob moog for the austrian composer max brand.

although the waves and frequencies were recorded on harddisc, there were no digital sound-altering tools used in the production process.“   moozak.org

ultrarare deTune compilation. gigabytes of data by gommoral, csi and analogs.at

usb only